Monday, July 11, 2011

I love me some

Maybe my damn game isn't done yet cuz i can't stop making stupid logos for it?... hmmmm, ya think? I just love doin logos and this is one of my favorites i've done in a while, so i can't stop making new Here is the logo for a black manual cover or for black shirts, caps, mugs, i'd love to make a shitload of merchandise for it on cafe press but maybe i should focus my energies on finishing the damn game... prioritizing was never one of my strong considering i've made so much more work for myself like having to draw up a ton of new cards for the crew, new board additions, new ship counter art and additions, planet rules and a shitload of D20 results for a shitload of new D20 die roll modifiers and shit... i did say i was getting ahead of but i must say again, this game is gonna be epic... if i ever get the fuckin done... but i will have some a nice coffee mug and t-shirt for a game that doesnt

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