Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Things you can't unsee vol.1

Title says it all... just got out of the shower so hair is slicked back and wet, and this is my new onesy... My Domo Onesy... this character is Japans version of Gumby, look up Domo or Domokon on the interwebs for the full story... This is the most comfortable thing i ever wore... even better than the blue forever lazy... only drawback on this one is there is no back door... Ruh-Roh!!!... which means won't be easy access back there and i can't back that shit up like i can with my blue one... oh well, the price you have to pay for fashion... Funny thing is i'm wearing this out tomorrow to visit my dad at the nursing home he is staying for his leg rehab, cuz tomorrow is Bingo nite, this should go over well with the citizens at the home while i enjoy a night of bing with them...lol... most will think they're hallucinatin off their pain meds or something...lol.. most probly will be so god help them, who know what i'll look like to them...lol...

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