Saturday, October 29, 2011

Munny Me.... Awesome

Here ya have it, one of the coolest things on the planet, second only to me... which makes sense since its ME immortalized in vinyl form... Thanx to these little things called Munny minis, which are blank white vinyl toys, anyone can make these things into whatever they please... and what pleased me at the moment was to make an action figure of me, currently what i look like now with stringy greasy bangs, arm and neck tattooes, my watch, even my black hopefully i didnt miss any details, but this is mindblowing in its cuteness,accuracy and plain old and coming soon will be accessories for the little Munny Me, like a black cat named Jinkers, a samurai sword, a Warlock guitar, a nerf gun, game controller... all things i normally play with on a daily I'll sum munny me up in one of Anne's favorite words..."SQUEEEEE!!!!"

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