Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Classic Star Wars dolls

I just got these recently for doing art for a friend, and i had to take them out of the box, making them worthless to collectors, but i also had to put batteries in them too, cuz they talk and the light sabers light up too... very cool awesome shit right here i tell ya. Each doll stands about 12 inches i believe, and the amount of detailing in the costumes and the material used is top notch from way back in the day when Star Wars was still big and cool and awesome. To me this stuff still is, so taking these out and getting em lit up and on display for my collection, which is basically a nerd museum here if you look back here on older posts i have pics of my toy shelves and my collection of cool and awesome shit... which i alo had to take out of the packaging, so everything here is playable with, and encouraged... cuz i always say you have to play with your toys dammit, they do no one any good sitting in a box collecting dust... they must be examined and poked and played with to be enjoyed, thats the meaning of toys, dammit!!!

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