Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lords of Mercy

Here is an old logo of my friends band that i'm working on the CD cover now. This is an old logo that i got from facebook, and i dont wanna post any of the new stuff, leave that unveiling to those I sent out the art just before for a poster, and that came out awesome too... Been playing my ipad alot, Kabam slots i highly recommend, and since i deleted Infinity Blade3, i'm able to have more games on there besides ONE, YOU FUCKIN ASSHOLES MAKING A 6 GIG GAME ON MY 16 GIG IPAD!!!! had to But i reinstalled one of my favorite games of all time on there, Frederic the Resurrection of Music... Great game and its like Guitar Hero but on a piano, playing different styles of music to Chopins compositions... Really great fun game. Now i'm gonna get back to my Diablo3

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