Sunday, September 22, 2013

Back from the dead...Again...

Sorry again for the absence, been a long time since i made a post on here or my xboxlive blog, so i'm gonna try and be better and post here more often at least... Been super busy since last post. Been doing tons of creative stuff, everyone who follows me on Facebook knows most of my creative projects.. hopefully If you havent, a quick rundown of recent and ongoing projects is as follows... Jonny Dammaj, a series of short stories about a 9 year old in a giant mecca robot suit fighting demons and holy hell after the apocalypse and rapture and whatnot... Surgikill, a musical project where i play all the instruments on my ipad on garageband...and all the band members are cartoon characters drawn by me.. think that old band "Gorillaz", but with better music, cuz that music SUUUUUCCCCKKKEEEDDD!!!! And last but not least, "In the Dark: Duary of a mad nerd" an ongoing web comic strip based on me and my circle of friends and Jinx, our cat, in comic strip panel fashion and sketches and whatnot... I'm still workin on games and stuff, and i made a whole ton of sculpey toys that go along with the Jonny Dammaj comic strip stuff that came out very cool.. I wont post all of that here, cuz there is just go to my facebook wall and go to my pics and wall galleries to see all my stuff... Just go to facebook and friend me if you wanna be caught up on all my shit, cuz thats where i post all my stuff first.. will try and do here more, but i wont make any here are the logos for the 3 projects i mentioned anyways to entice you to check out my shit on

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