Sunday, September 22, 2013

Back again, 2 posts in one day!!! woot woot!!!

Forgot to put my name in case it wasnt on here.. but look me up on facebook, Andrew Baumgartner... then friend me and you can see all my stuff like my Ebil Kitties and all my sculpey creations and endless cat pictures, cuz we all know there arent enough cat pics on the interwebs... I have to thank my good friend Greg for inspiring me with his blog... so read that too, great stuff from that bald doughy knucklehead livin Japan.. truly the ugly American living here are a few more logos like my ebil kitties if i never posted that here.. not sure if i'm comin or goin plus been playin LOTS of xbox360 like Diablo3 and now GTA5... amazing games that are eatin up alot of my life right now..whatever is left of it well its good to be back, and lookin forward to postin more here soon... konichiwa, BITCHES!!!! yeah i'm a dick

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Gregory Hoffman said...

"ugly American"...pot, meet kettle..