Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mini Enterprise my love for Nikon

Here is the TNG Enterprise, tiny version by hotwheels... this is part of a series of all the enterprises and a bird of prey which i also have and love... I've taken all these pics with my Nikon D80 which is one of my favorite hi-tech toys... I love that camera and can't express my love for it enough...lol... and i'll give you the same advice a fellow from a camera shop in Princeton gave me, if you ever see one of these available new or used, most likely used since the model was discontinued, BUY IT!... it is loaded with features and the kit that i got comes with this awesome 18-135 AF zoom lens that is killer... it has features like the led display on the top that for some reason they took out on the later models, and it has great heft and feel to it that later models no longer have... You can't go wrong with any Nikon camera, but because of all the features and price, this one of the best prosumer cameras you can get, period... love it, love it , love it...

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