Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Ultrasaber lit up

Here is the saber with blade lit up... This pic doesnt do it justice cuz the flash washes out the brightness of the bade which is pretty friggin bright and intense... Like i said before, these things are awesome and for hardcore nerds only, cuz the average person can't appreciate how awesome these things are... nerds which makes us even more awesome, cuz nerds are awesome to start with... nerds armed with a handmade custom lightsaber are too awesome for mere so that makes me pretty friggin i know, i'm pretty deluded and odd, but with all the shit i have goin on in my life, things like this make it a lot This pic has the green lit up, but i can make seven different colors by mixing them with the 3 RGB switches on the hilt... the bottom fourth switch is the master switch... and the pommel is from the war glaive model which i just got yesterday... all the parts for these things are all TCSS certified and all compatible so you can mix and swap out parts so you can have a one of a kind saber.. they actually all are one of a kind cuz they're all handmade to your specs that you fill out when you order them, which is awesome, cuz there are a ton of options on these things so you really do have a custom one of a kind piece when you're all done... again, i can't say enough good things about these sabers and the company that makes these models, which is go there and get one of these things today, you won't be sorry, and they have a TON of models to start with, then you start adding all the features you want... I love my saber, and i'm a huge

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