Friday, September 23, 2011

My pet fishy Betta, R'lyeh

This is a nice close up of my new little buddy R'lyeh.. (Riley) is how we say it, easier off the tongue that named after an island in the dreamlands from the Cthulhu mythos for those nerds out there in the Got him this past week when we went to petsmart to get Jinkers her cat grass for the week.. we get her fresh grass every week cuz she's spoiled rotten and she loves that shit... So i got a whole setup for the fishy and some live plants and lights for the little tank, pretty sweet little setup that i have set up on a shelf right over my 22 inch monitor, i know, really smart to hang a tank of water right over my computer, but i'm careful with that The fishy is a red crown-tail betta, never had a red one before, my last one was blue and a crown tail.. i knew it was time for a new fishy and tank when i walked past him at the store, something about him caught my attention and i was like, BAMMM!, time to get a new will be posting more regularly in the upcoming days cuz i've been feeling better and i have my fresh supply of meds so i'll be healthy and good for the immediate future, and i have some cool pics i'll be posting too, so tah tah for now kiddies, be back soon...

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