Thursday, February 17, 2011

Black butterfly katana

Here is one of my favorite new obsessions, my katana with a very cool black butterfly tsuba... the tsuba is the part of the sword above the handle, which is mainly there to protect your fingers from the blade... I love this thing cuz its hand made and sharpened, and i got a really great price on it from a great little shop online called Check em out if you want great quality hand made swords at a really great price for the quality you get... Even the saya, which is the scabbard is beautifully polished black lacquered wood.. so i keep busy by buffing that shiny as hell and oiling and maintaining the blade on the sword... You see katanas all over the place in little shops in malls and stuff, but those are for display only, which this one displays nicely too, but this one is a real sword... the weight is perfect and the steel is flexible and hard at the same time, so i can cut shit in half really always wanted one of these to have like a real weapon in the house... and i got really lucky to find such a beautiful hand made piece at such a great price....

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