Thursday, February 17, 2011

More toys... Love my toys

Here is the extension of my toy collection of the 2 shelves, check out the older posts to see those... and i really should take new pics of them cuz i have added aolt of new stuff to that collection too... But here are some brand new acquisitions i'm very proud of... my Dr. Who collection... Got the whole set of all 11 doctors and the companion set that even included K-9, one of my favorite lil robot sidekicks... Just recently i got a boxed set that included the Amy Pond figure which is what i was trying to get since its kinda rare now, and in that set came 2 Daleks and a Sontarren general among some others, which was very cool... Click on the pic to zoom in cuz all my pics on here are pretty hi-rez so you can see all the figures and details... in front is the Tardis, which is one of a few models available now, but that is the best one cuz it has all the sounds from the show and even interior and window lights which the other ones don't have.. so i was really lucky to stumble upon this one online, cuz its rare and getting even harder to get now

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