Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cthulhu returns

See... Tolda ya i'd be back soon... can't sleep, in crazy pain and feel like shit... So here is a new pic i just took of the Cthulhu Sculpt i made with sculpey last nite.... Again, its cool enough for me, but lookin closer there are so many things i would add and change, but thats just my fucked OCD Anyways, this is more of what the color looks like, and in some places i did alot of detail like the underbelly which you cant see, he has like 8 He's the dark old one, god of gods, had to make him "omnippotent"... aaarghh, i crack myself anyways, hope everyone liked the Cthulhu, it kept me busy for a few hours, which is a pretty cool feat in iyself too, and i guess all in all i'm pretty happy with it... and remember to read to your HP Lovecraft kids, sanity is overrated.....

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