Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Easymedsshop.com is a scam and are thieving assholes

Just had to throw it out there again, and am so happy i saved at least 1 person some grief and money... You know there are people out there that really are legit in looking for meds online because of the convenience and all, and when scumbags like easymedsshop.com prey on these unfortunate and honest people, it really kills me... Hope this word gets out more and if anyone can find a way to file formal complaints or anything like that on these jerkoffs, more power to you... aside from this blog, i'm looking into more ways i can pursue this crusade into getting these fuckbags shut down, so if anyone else has any ideas, lemme know and more power to you... Gonna start sculpting my next project, a dragon loosely based on Disneys Dragonslayer, so will post pics as soon as i'm finished... mixed up a batch od sculpey in the base color i wanted and already its lookin pretty sweet, and since that Cthulhu was like my first serious attempt at something not cutesy, i'm so happy with the results and am having so much fun with this shit... and again in closing... fuck you easymedsshop.com

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