Thursday, December 3, 2009

Alestorm logo

Funny little story... the other day i read on bravewords that the pirate metal band Alestorm was looking for an artist to redo their bland logo, and for interested parties to contact them via their myspace page, which i did... Their singer Chris Bowes promptly got back in touch via e-mail for me to give it a shot... which i did... and he loved my ideas so we went back and forth all day making revises and changes and it came out very cool...they loved it... Then i have to ask to be paid, since i've done logos for bands in the past and the management usually has a budget for these things, but no, he tells me he was gonna pay me outta pocket... and to tell him what my rates were... So i tell him, and now all of a sudden everything is quiet and its been over 2 days now and no word back... he promised me he wasnt gonna screw me over, but i'm really worried now cuz it doesnt look good, and many people have done this to me in the past... so i'll keep ya's posted here... this will be my proof, if they come out with a new logo, that looks even similar to this, its gonna be pretty fucked up, cuz the logo is mine, so at least i know i did it, so that counts for something.... people really suck...

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Dan Doxtater said...

I sent them this logo on Dec. 2nd,
haven't heard one word from the band. Got a good feeling they're a bunch of assholes.