Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Loving my new board game, and all i have left to do is the card decks... and there may be alot of them, like Arkham Horror alot... that game had a ridiculous amount of cards, but thats what made it so deep and replayable... and if you guys see a resemblance in this game to one of my old ones, Ardent Quest, thats because this is all the parts of Ardent Quest, totally streamlined, new board and concept, all 10X better, so Ardent Quest is kaput, and Dragon Hunt takes its place.... I took all the best parts of that game, made em much better and added a ton of even better stuff, so Dragon Hunt is my fantasy RPG Dungeons and Dragons... I love it and hope the small amount of people that will get a chance to play it will I know i'll never get a publisher, but i plan to playtest it at a local hobby shop by me that has a Magic the Gathering night, so on that night i'll see if i can get in there and get a table for people to playtest it to get input and stuff like that...and for old times sake, here is Jinkers to say hello, she's alive and well and as you can see by her pic of her on her favorite rug, the pentagram

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