Friday, January 15, 2010

Been away

Hey all, whoever reads this, i hope i have a few people that are mildy entertained by my stupid shit and ramblings... will try to get back to regular posting and pics... was just pre-occupied with the usual shit, medical shit, trying to find work, Xbox, and a new pre-occupation which sidetracked me from my xbox, an i-pod touch that Anne got me for x-mas.. the little thing is awesome and a great little gaming platform... i never would have thought the games on this thing would be so good and addictive... i don't even use it for playing music, cuz i-tunes in my opinion is horrible and the i-tunes music store is ridiculous with their pricing and ownership rights... total bullshit... so for music Anne and i both have little 4 gig Sansa players, which are awesome... little oled screens and just drag and drop mp3 files... but for music on the i-pod touch, we just use pandora and hook it up to external speakers and it sounds great... Pandora is awesome... for the kind of music we like, they have everything and even turn us onto new european bands we otherwise never would have heard of.. Considering the state of music here in the U.S.... which is an outright ABOMINATION and a joke.... European stuff saves us from the horrors of the music scene in this country... I won't even start on the horrors i hear on the radio when i happen to turn it on by accident when i'm in the car, but just a few seconds of lady ga-ga or ke$ha will make your ears bleed... i can't even believe that shit is for real and not some kind of sick joke, just to see what people will buy into and listen to... but fuck... just dreadful.. anyways, hope to be posting more regularly again, and will have more goofy pics and shit to post soon...

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