Monday, May 24, 2010

Jinkers and the Nano bugs

Here is our little basement kitteh Jinkers... Transfixed by one of my newest little obsessions... Nanos... These little nanobugs are like little cockroaches... they're these little robotic bugs that skitter around like roaches and interact with each other as they vibrate around the environment... I say that because thats they're source of locomotion... Vibration... it's F'en scince kids, nano robots, pay Anyways, she loves them, as do i... lol... I'm up to like 14 now in my collection i think last time i But i stopped buying them cuz i have a full color spectrum and i ran out of space in my nanobug carrying case that holds all the bugs in their little test tubes and the habitat and its pieces, which you see here... It's really a cool little hobby, you guys should look into buying these things, especially if you kids.... or

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