Monday, May 24, 2010

Anne and I

Here is a pic of my fiance and myself, on the eve her birthday before we went out with a bunch of our friends to Houlihans to celebrate her birthday.... A great time was had by all and our waitress gave us this huge dessert for Annes birthday, on her... Which was a really nice gesture on her part cuz it was an actual huge dessert off their menu, not just a little cupcake or something... the thing was gigantic and decadent and she even gave us 6 spoons since it was so humongous... lol.. So here's a plug for Houlihans's... we love the place, it's nice and dark, and lookin like me, you can understand why i like to eat dinner in dark places... more out of concern for everyone else who has to look at me while they try to maintain their appetite and hold down their food... I'm hideous... oh fuckin well, Nikon must make a hell of a camera lens since the thing still works after capturing this horrifying pic of my mug... eeefuckingads i'm scary... gonna go cry myself to sleep

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Gizmo358 said...

Great picture of you two !!! Kudos !!!