Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hand drawn shirts

Been awhile since i've been here, sorry bout that again, but i update my xboxlive after dark daily, and i always link to this one so keep checkin back here, always chances for new pics and stuff... Like now... the other day i woke up at like 5am, my usual pain alarm clock goes off and i cant sleep cuz of the pain, so i got up, took some of my meds and for some reason was inspired to draw one of my favorite characters, Lobo, with a sharpie, freehand on a i know, i'm weird, but here is a pic of it my friend took with his phone, maybe i'll take a better one cuz this one kinda had a weird fold on the side of of it and you miss some of the detail, but it came out pretty cool... I'm gonna offer to make shirts like this, one of a kind, with sharpies and signed, so they are original pieces of art, done on the spot, no pencilling, just ink to shirt, all you gotta do is give me a comic or good reference pic and i'll do it... just leave me a note in the comments and i'll get back to you.. 1 color of course on your choice of color shirt... i'm gonna do another one for myself too, just have to get my old easel and drawing board from my dads house, cuz i did this one on the floor, and then it took me half an hour to be able to get up off the floor... lol...

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