Friday, June 25, 2010

Adios to fake friends on facebook

No new art or neat toy pics this time, sorry, just takin a little time to vent some stupid shit that crept up my ass in the past months and pissed me off... In the process of deleting a bunch of people off my facebook friends list that i don't even know how they got there, and if by some weird chance you've found your way here to this blog, then you'll know why... Just awhile ago i was alerted by some people that all of my co-workers at my last job at GI apparel that i was at for like 16 years and considered everyone my friend, well i was told that no one there was my friend and everyone was pissed that i even had a job there and wanted me fired... nice way to remember your fond years there... well anyways, thanx for the memories and if you were on my friends list before and arent now, heres why, and have a nice life...

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Anonymous said...

Those people may have been Farmville friends. I know how you love to play that game.

Save my ups, dick.