Monday, June 21, 2010

Enterprise TV show model

Been slackin on makin posts here, but like i said before, i make daily posts without pics on my Xboxliveafterdark blog,so just check there regularly and i link this blog to it from there also... Here is a model i just did last weekend of the enterprise from the show Enterpise, which was a great show for like 2 seasons then it went to hell and got cancelled... anyways, always loved the design of this ship, and i actually took the time to use paint on some of the parts as you can see... the focus point was off on this shot, it blurred the saucer but made the nacelle pods sharp, which i didnt mind cuz thats where i actually took most of my time when painting and detailing it... lol... came out pretty sweet tho... be back soon and again, if anyone wants all over art on a t-shirt done by hand, just leave comments here and i'll get back to you...

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