Tuesday, June 22, 2010

dead-I logo

Here is the logo i did for the side project i named dead-I creations, a division of FCKindustries... both of which are little BS phantom companies that exist solely in my little head...lol... I just love creating cool logos, so i had to do one for this, my little side project of drawing custom shirts, one of a kind pieces of art on t-shirt, whatever the customer wants, any color shirt, with a black sharpie marker...lol... I'm like a Bob Ross or Bill Alexander, but the t-shirt is my canvas, and a sharpie is my brush...lol... anyways, no requests yet, still waiting for some, in the meantime i'm just makin these for myself and my friends... like i said, i may do a vampirella one next, who knows, but hope you guys like these new pics, most posts i've done on this blog in awhile...lol.. nice to be back makin more posts...

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