Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Microsoft tech support is a joke

No pics this post, but be sure to scroll down and click on see older posts if you havent, cuz i have ALOT of pics of my art and toys and stuff... and also be sure to click on the pics to see hi res versions of the pics, cuz i took them with a hi res Nikon and the detail in some the toy pics is crazy... anyways, had a bad couple of days dealing with Microsoft after my account was suspended from a line i posted in my bio from an In Flames song that had the word "sxxt" in iy, and thats how i posted it... 2 fuckin years ago... and somehow that got me suspended for 3 days... so after numerous calls to tech support who cant do anything... literally, these people are as clueless and helpless and unaware of their products or services as a stranger off the street... As long as i was on the [phone for the second day trying to plead my case, i tried getting a problem resolved from last year when they ran a promotion where if you purchased 4 xboxlive titles, at the end of the promotion you were supposed to get a refund of 400 points, which is like 5 bucks... well i never got the points and its on record that i bought the games in the dates required... well this Indian woman that can barely speak English, had no clue of the details of anything.. no idea of the promotion, when it ran, what it was... NOTHING... she spent literally half an hour asking me when the dates were, when it ran, what it was called, you have no idea the cluelessness here... i just gave up... not even sure if i'm gonna pursue this further, its only 5 bucks and its really not worth it to deal with morons like this for 5 bucks... anyways, my suspension ran out, i'm back on, cuz i'm a loser and a sucker and i have too much money invested in my xbox and this damned service, but rest assured, any surveys or anytime i'm required to evaluate microsoft or the xboxlive services customer support, i will be relentless in how badly i bash the shit out of them for their incompetence and lack of any knowledge or intelligence on their products... also in the way they treat a longstanding, extremely valuable customer in the money i spend on there too... i'm also gonna be writing some complaint letters to anyone i can think of to stir up shit and make people see what a haphazard joke they are running over there with their live service... oh this is only the but anyways, scroll down and be sure to look at older posts and hope you enjoy all the stuff i have on here... enjoy...

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