Sunday, October 11, 2009

A cry for help

Hey everyone, 2 posts in one nite again, i'm on a roll... Trying to get to sleep and it aint happenin... This depression on being unemployed and my medical conditions are takin their tolls, the company stuff has been cheerin me up, but i really can't go any further now, since i've pretty much run outta money.. like for real, run out of money... so desperately praying that i get an extension on unemployment soon, or a job, one that will pay me... been trying to do freelance but no one has been paying me, so i'm kinda fucked... i did win 10 bucks on the lottery over the weekend so maybe baby Jebus will smile on me again on Tuesday and i'll win in any case, if anyone reading this can find it in their hearts to give me work, money donations, money, anything, money, anything will be greatly appreciated cuz at this rate i am doomed.... but in the meantime all i can do is keep lookin for work, keep my head up and happy and keep myself and everyone reading this mildly amused with my idiotic musings and mediocre art on this blog... somethings gotta give, and hopefully it will be strangers giving me Praying to ya Jebus, did this artwork in your praise and infinite glory...

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