Monday, October 12, 2009

Still praying

In honor of the Lord, and since i'm still praying so i can pay my bills, here is an ominous Jesus head... did this awhile ago, was inspired by Al Pacino in The Godfather... you can see the resemblance... Don't worry folks, i'm not goin born again, finding Jesus and all that crazy shit.... I don't have to "find" Jebus, I never lost him in the first place... He's right here on my hard drive, so if any christians ever ask you if you need to "find the Lord"... you can direct them to my 3 hard drive locations... I still love Jebus, and Cthulhu, and a host of other Gods, no worries.... God dammit, that's why God hates me and i'm poverty stricken, I'm such a wiseass.... Love you jebus, and say hi to Fat Elvis for me... Love Him too....

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