Friday, October 9, 2009

new design

Here is my first design for my art company's T-shirt line... I just got my company's logo shirts in my hands, and my friend Jimmy did an awesome job on the print... It's just the company FCK Industries logo that you see off to the right on this blog, on a black shirt... I only got 12 and i'm givin em to my close friends, but they look so cool i'd love to sell them to skate shops and little indie stores like that if possible... Then here is my first actual art design, gonna be a full front giant sizes print on this color if they have it, if not it will be on a similar color value, slightly darker ink than the shirt color concept... I'm doing my next design explaining what FCK stands for... Fun, Cute and Kuddly.... Cuz FCC was already taken... be back soon with more shit... peace out my ninjas...

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